Training intensity has been over abused, if you want better results in the gym then stop training so hard, and take the smart approach.

  • Training intensity explained: This is essentially how hard you work out. I am not disputing that a resistance/weight training program needs to have a sufficient level of intensity to stimulate muscle growth. However too much intensity can rob you of your lean muscle gains because your body will prioritise muscle recovery over muscle growth.
  • Intensity still has its place: To be fair intensity is important when you are trying to get your body to change. For example I used to be with the majority, “ I can barely move today which means yesterdays workout must have been super effective!” This attitude is responsible for slower progress with your results and the INEVITABLE INJURIES that come with the territory.
  • Train smart: If you are sore for longer than one day then you have most likely over done it, also if you are not aching at all but getting stronger, fitter, building muscle etc then congratulations your body is adapting and you are training at the appropriate intensity. My advice is this:  When in doubt, for better and longer lasting results, train more frequently at a moderate intensity rather than less frequently at a high intensity.

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