• Stay Active- We all tend to over indulge over the xmas period whether its food, alcohol or both, the key thing is to stay relatively active. Aim to do at least 8000 steps per day and if you can still aim for 2 full body weight training sessions per week then this will keep you on track.
  • Eat some healthy meals– The on or off mentality is not the way to go for long term success with your mind and body, it is inevitable that we are going to enjoy ourselves and eat some shitty foods but make an effort to throw in healthy meal here and there with lots of veggies to keep you satiated and mitigate the damage.
  • Stay Hydrated– Aim to drink at least two 1.5 litre bottles of water regardless over the festive period, if you are consistent with this, I guarantee you it will be much harder to eat lots of junk and it will help dilute the toxins from alcohol.
  • Fasting– Occasionally over the festive period skip breakfast and just drink fluids instead, so aim to do a 12-16 hour fast the day after you ate like a pig and felt like a whale, it is vital that you break the fast with a healthy meal though otherwise you will most likely overeat and defeat the purpose.
  • Be Present– This sounds cheesy but be as present as possible with your loved ones and focus on good conversations when you are eating etc, this will help you focus more on family instead of food & alcohol.

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