Dietary cholesterol has been demonised so much over the years, that we are now wary of our cholesterol levels rising and this damaging our arteries, or causing heart disease. Bare in mind that the liver produces around 70-80% of the cholesterol in our bodies, which tells us that cholesterol is an essential nutrient which we would die without. Our liver produces the equivalence of around 4 egg yolks per day!

It is important to note that a lot of the studies done on cholesterol causing heart attacks, has been funded by the companies selling processed foods, in order to get us hooked on their products which consist primarily of refined sugars, amongst lots of other chemicals. Also most studies don’t take into account other lifestyle factors of the people who have suffered heart attacks ie are they eating lots of processed foods? Are they smokers? Do they drink alcohol? Do they get adequate sleep? And so on….

3 benefits from consuming dietary cholesterol in the form of egg yolks or animal offal ie Lamb/chicken livers.

  1. Great for building muscle and strength– I always try to consume 4-6 egg yolks post weight training or for breakfast. We use up a lot of our cholesterol levels when we lift weights, replenishing afterwards works wonders for building muscle due to cholesterol being important for hormone production such as testosterone.
  2. Nutrients found in high cholesterol foods– Animal organs such as chicken livers are pretty much the most nutrient dense foods on the plant, consuming them at least once to twice per week will be a smart move. Egg yolks also contain an abundance of B vitamins and some important minerals.
  3. Libido– Other than the brain, the sex glands rely on cholesterol because all of our steroid hormones are synthesised from cholesterol, especially testosterone as mentioned in the first point.