A little insight into my journey from a super skinny teenager to a professional fitness model Competitor and ranking within the top 10 in the world.


I have been lifting weights since the age of 14 so that is 16 years of lifting, also I have always played sports and I am extremely competitive. However the real game changer is building a healthy relationship with food. If you eat whole foods at least 75% of the time you will find intuitively you go for healthy foods and stop craving rubbish foods, then your physique will be a by product of good health.


We all over indulge on a regular basis, in fact from all of the bodybuilding competitions I have competed in (8 in total) and photo shoots etc, I built up a terrible relationship with food due to the restrictive eating habits which I thought were necessary to get shredded, (not necessary) I developed the binge eating disorder. This is very common with around 50% of all eating disorders falling into this category. All you need to do is cut back on calorie a little on a Monday, Tuesday if you have had a crazy weekend over indulging but for Petes sake DO NOT punish yourself in the gym for it… that is not the way to long term success. You need to restrict calories a little for a day or 2 if you over do it but still focus on eating plenty of nutrients.

BOTTOM LINE: Eat Whole foods ie plenty of vegetables and a little fruit, plus adequate fat and protein intake,  EARN YOUR CARBOHYDRATES.