I am joined by Alicia Gowans who is the manager and head coach at Ally’s Angels which specialises in competition prep and fitness lifestyle coaching. Ally is also the 2 time Wbff fitness world champion, also Alicia holds a handful of degrees and qualifications including nutrition. Ally has a holistic approach to health, fitness and bodybuilding in order to help people create a stronger mindset and physique. This is a great conversation with lots of valuable advice whether you are new to fitness or a physique/bikini competitor.
  • Alicia’ journey to becoming 2 time Wbff World Bikini Fitness Champion.
  • Alicia’ experience with breaking her back doing a Barbell squat and then going on the win her show weeks later.
  • Our thoughts having competed with the Wbff and why competing with Wbff is such a great experience.
  • How Alicia is getting shredded for the Wbff World Championships coming up.
  • Why cardio is overrated for fat loss.
  • Alicia’ rituals and healthy habits which help keep her in shape mentally and physically all year round.
  • The right way to prepare for a show and how our body is effected when we diet down for a show.
  • How Alicia discovered lifting weights and why sustainable health is sexy.
  • Why online coach’s have no place coaching people virtually without having trained people in person.
  • The world of negative body image issues, body dysmorphia and eating disorders.
  • Character building and the power of never ending improvement.
  • Switching your mindset for better results in the gym.
  • The importance of the mind muscle connection for building muscle.
  • The dark side of performance enhancing drugs within the bodybuilding world.
  • Alicia’ recent experience with feeling down recently and the practices she implemented to overcome this episode.
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