Finally Andrew Bond and I join forces in person at our friends gym in the UK. Throughout the course of this episode, we answer 20 questions written in from the podcast audience. Being as we both live at opposite sides of the world with me living in Sydney and Andrew in New York City, it was only right to answer specific questions from the listeners where we answer questions relating to fitness, nutrition, our personal life, personal insecurities, abs and more. Lots of great tips and tricks included in this episode.
  • My biggest personal insecurities.
  • My worst pet peeves that I find within the fitness industry.
  • The toughest challenge that I faced competing on the Professional bodybuilding stage.
  • The eating disorder that I experienced and the hardships that I faced overcoming them.
  • The worst advice that I dished out as a Personal Trainer.
  • Tips for anyone looking to pursue a career in health & fitness.
  • Body dysmorphia and how Andrew has massively improved his body image issues.
  • Andrew’s challenges whilst trying to make it as a model in New York City.
  • Andrew’s previous battle with anxiety & depression and how he overcame it.
  • What motivates Andrew to stay in tip top shape all year round.
  • How Andrew manages his stress levels.
  • Andrew’s number 1 exercise to perform in the gym for maximum results.
  • Plus more questions from our audience.
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