Did you know that 98% of healthy adult males can build a well muscled, powerful physique in less than 18 months when they follow the right bodybuilding personal training programme?

If you have failed to get results from your bodybuilding workouts, then it could be time to hire a bodybuilding personal trainer. Martin Silva is a professional bodybuilding personal trainer whose one-to-one and online bodybuilding programmes are designed to help you overcome plateaus and pack on noticeable muscle in all the right places. Used by competitive athletes, fitness models and those looking to transform their body image, bodybuilding personal training clients are on the increase as people realise that great gains are hard work and require the oversight of a professional personal trainer, and sports professionals understand the importance of correctly addressing strength and conditioning.

Diet and nutritional advice play a big part in the remit of a bodybuilding personal trainer. Supplementation is commonplace, however with competitive bodybuilding becoming more regulated, you have to know exactly what you are taking and how it benefits your training. Martin Silva has bodybuilding knowledge, an industry reputation and competition techniques at his disposal. Delivering appropriate muscle exercises that build muscle mass and a good dose of motivational leadership, he can help you reach you bodybuilding goals in a matter of weeks.