CrossFit is a topic of hot discussion nowadays and rightly so because it is very popular due to its clever business model and the fact that it is very competitive. Also the bottom line is- it is getting more and more people lifting weights especially women which I think is fantastic! However there is a dark side to Crossfit and high intensity based cults such as F45, insanity etc. Andrew and I are elite level Personal Trainers and we have both personally had new clients come to us because they have been injured partaking in Crossfit or F45. I produced a video recently taking the piss out of CrossFit for a bit of  fun and also to educate people a little on the dangers. During episode 23 Andrew and I exchange views on the pros and cons of Crossfit and the most effective ways to train for maximum results! Click the episode webpage link to see the 1 minute crossfit video I produced on my instagram page.