I have a great conversation with the owner of “Shred with science” – Chris Spearman. From a PhD in Cancer Research to a global cover model, Dr. Chris Spearman is one of the world’s leading Online Fitness Coaches, an expert in metabolic correction who helps thousands of people every year to get in cover model shape and the host of the world-famous Shred-with-Science Podcast. Chris has scaled his fitness business to multiple 6-figures over the last few years, approaching the 7-figure mark and now helps other fitness professionals to do the same.
Chris’ Instagram: @spearmanchris
Chris’ Podcast: Shred With Science Podcast
  • The importance of proper training programming for maximum results in the gym.
  • The main things that I am looking to improve on leading up to my pro competition in October.
  • Our experiences with getting shredded for photoshoots, magazine covers and bodybuilding competitions.
  • Intermittent fasting pros and cons.
  • Our advice for overcoming an unhealthy relationship with food.
  • Body dysmorphia, bigorexia and eating disorders in men.
  • Chris’ journey into building a successful online fitness business.
  • How to be a good personal trainer or online nutrition coach.
  • Chris’ advice for achieving sustainable health and a lean physique.
  • How Chris managed to scale and grow his online fitness business.
  • My advice to anyone who is considering competing for the first time.
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