I had the opportunity to interview Elle Russ, who is a Writer, Health coach, and host of one of the worlds leading health/fitness podcasts- Primal Blueprint. Elle caught my attention after listening to her being interviewed on several other podcasts, she suffered from hypothyroidism (Under-active Thyroid) for many years, and after being shunted from pillar to post by the healthcare system, and suffering from depression, weight gain, and more, she decided to tackle her health issues by herself. Elle now has a new groundbreaking book- ‘The Paleo Thyroid Solution’, which illuminates just how common it is for people (especially women) to have thyroid issues but not be aware of it, and how you can repair this ailment by changing lifestyle factors, such as eating a Paleo diet. If you are finding it hard to shift body-fat/lose weight, feel lethargic, irritability etc, then you may well have some metabolic issues, either way this episode is def worth a listen.

Elle’ Russ Instagram: @_ElleRuss

The Primal Blueprint Podcast: Click Here

Elle’ Book: The Paleo Thyroid Solution


  • How years of suffering with health issues inspired Elle to help others.
  • The benefits of the Paleo diet and the dark side of eating a vegan diet.
  • The Saturated Fat & Cholesterol myth, what kinds of foods most people should eat/avoid.
  • The importance of having purpose in life, top tips for gaining health & wealth, plus much more.


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