Andrew interviews me based on my experience having competed as a mens physique and fitness model competitor 8 times in total. At the time this podcast was recorded I was 3.5 weeks out from my upcoming physique competition where I will be competing for the 2nd time as a Professional level Wbff fitness model, so we also talk about my current preparation for this show. Andrew and I go deep on this episode and we talk a lot about the mental health issues we faced on our journey including body dysmorphia, the binge eating disorder and depression.
  • Why I decided to compete as a physique athlete and enter the world of competing.
  • My battle with the binge eating disorder and the dark side of restrictive eating.
  • Our experience with body dysmorphia and training from a young age because of insecurities.
  • Why I have remained steroid free and how to build an admirable physique without steroids.
  • The financial side of bodybuilding and how athletes get paid from the sport.
  • How we overcame an extremely unhealthy relationship with food.
  • How the binge eating disorder affected our mental health.
  • Being driven by health vs being driven to maintain 6 pack abs.
  • An insight into my current preparation for my bodybuilding comp in a few weeks time.
  • The sacrifices I have made with my overall health during my current preparation for the Wbff Australian championships.
  • OCD and orthorexia when it comes to training and nutrition.
  • How to get lean and make important behavioural changes to improve overall health.
  • My top tips for anyone who is thinking of competing.
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