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Martin has been an Top level Personal Trainer for over a decade and during that time he has trained over a thousand people who range from pro athletes to people over the age of 60.

He is a Professional Level Wbff Pro Fitness Model Competitor and when it comes to sculpting the perfect physique, Martin has carved his body as a result of learning everything there is to know about lifting weights for maximum results.

This Build Your Best Body programme will 100% change the game for you and if it doesn’t you will get your money back.Around 2 years Martin switched over from split routine training (training 1-2 body parts at a time) to hitting the whole body 2-3 times per week and using resistance bands on the days in between.

What do the resistance bands do?They send a loud Muscle Building signal and help you recover in between the strenuous full body free weight workouts.

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Martin Silva is proud to endorse several trusted partner brands as a sponsored male fitness model.