I was joined by Stuart Cooke who is the CEO of 180 Nutrition which is a very successful, extremely healthy, supplement company here in Australia. 180 Nutrition also has a very popular health and wellness podcast- The health sessions. Stuart has always been very passionate about taking care of his health by exercising and constantly learning about nutrition and everything health related. He founded 180 nutrition 10 years ago and within that time he has interviewed experts within every area of health, fitness, nutrition, gut health, mental health and more, on his podcast. This episode is loaded with lots of extremely valuable information to help you optimise your mind and body.
  • Stuart’ story and what inspired him to create 180 Nutrition.
  • The food intolerance epidemic and Stu’s theory behind why so many kids have these auto immune issues.
  • The dangers of vegetables oils and why we should avoid them at all costs.
  • Eating intuitively and Stuart’s journey to reaching this level of seeking out whole foods.
  • The importance of eating more vegetables, protein and healthy fats and less sugar.
  • Why we should take care of our gut health.
  • Why sleep is the most important piece for optimal health and how to sleep better.
  • Tips and tricks Stu applies to keep his kids healthy.
  • The dangers of becoming a slave to social media and tips to keep you in control.
  • The challenges Stu faces as the CEO of a big, worldwide supplement company.
  • Tips and tricks for losing body fat and keeping it off.
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