I remember my first half hour training session with Martin feeling so unfit. That was over 3 years ago. Martin has helped me to achieve my goals of losing weight and getting fit. It’s been a long journey but I’m determined to continue. Martin always pushes you to the limit but the results have been worth it. A fantastic trainer who is determined to support and help his clients to achieve their goals.
Pam Wenger
Martin is an extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer who listens to your needs and tailors a program designed to challenge you to meet this goals, both in and out of the gym. Through Silvafitness, you receive effective one to one training at a great rate that will reap the benefits of the work put in by Martin. Above all, he’s a good bloke to train with and chat to, making each session enjoyable through the right mix of encouragement and dedication. Highly recommended.
Matt Evans
Cheers for the tailor made plan for the gym. The Sessions pushed me beyond my comfort zone and ensured results. The diet plan was a massive help, and friends commented on the difference in my appearance within weeks.
Stephen Hughes
Odd but I never thought what going to a trainer would achieve. Sure, fight the middle age spread but when Martin said “what do you want”? It gave me pause. So yes, fitter, stronger but a bigger chest, some guns unbelievable. Martin manages to push you to the next level, then the next. Giving guidance to get the best out of your training and encouragement to achieve it. At first the gym filled me with trepidation but due to Martin’s friendly approach and engaging programs I’m never at a loss what to do or equipment to use. So thanks Martin never felt so confident, motivated or good in myself.
Alex Mackenzie
Training with Martin has meant that I have been encourage to step out of my comfort zone. As well as training with Martin he’s given me training plans to help me to workout on my own, he’s always so encouraging and positive. I now find myself to be a healthier & fitter 53yr old woman than I have ever been before.
Andy Mackenzie
When I first started training with Martin 8 weeks ago I honestly never though I would be able to accomplish what I have so far. I thought I was going to feel really out of place in the gym but couldn’t have been more wrong. Martin makes you feel realy comfortable pushes you further than you think is possible and is a real nice person to talk to and train with . For the last 2 years I have piled on weight after having my youngest son and have been struggling how to get around it. I have also had surgery twice for knee problems which makes things a bit more difficult as to what i can and cannot do and Martin will cater a programme for your needs . Martin is always encouraging and makes you see light on a dull day, I am totally shocked at how much more well and fitter I feel following martins eating plan and training routine and it’s only been 8 weeks my whole attitude and mind has changed for the better and now look forward to getting where I want to be. Thanks Martin.
Just over 2 years ago I was overweight, my asthma wasn’t too good and although I was working out in the gym I wasn’t’ getting anywhere. Martin offered me a free taster session and I thought why not. I soon realised that although I thought I was working quite hard in the gym, this wasn’t the case at all and I booked my first set of lessons straight away.

I have to say that I haven’t looked back! I am now over a stone lighter, have lost 6 inches all around and feel better than I have for years. This is all down to the targeted training sessions tailored to suit. He has also helped with my diet delivering the complete package.

This is all the more surprising for me as I am in my early 60’s and although relatively fit, I do suffer with the various aches and pains that come with age. I now watch the more youthful members work out and think – actually I can do that!

You have to be prepared to put the effort in but it does pay off and I can’t recommend Martin highly enough.



Martin Silva is proud to endorse several trusted partner brands as a sponsored male fitness model.