Episode 25 has arrived and I answered some questions from my followers in regards to the contraceptive pill and its effect on building muscle. I also discussed the menstrual cycle because I have had lots of clients in the past telling me how hard lifting weights can be whilst its their time of the month, not that I can fully relate to this but I did my best ha! Also I have a friend who is preparing for her first bikini comp so I dropped some knowledge bombs on how you can either say no to social events or still attend them but not go overboard. Whilst discussing that topic I delve deeper in to will power and the power of habit! Finally I am currently 6 days into cutting out coffee (temporarily) so I figured I would discuss how caffeine/coffee is a great tool to be used for gym performance and for cognitive enhancement. CLICK THE URL LINK TO SIGN UP FOR MY 28 DAY FAT BURNING CHALLENGE!!

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