Episode 40 of Optimise Your Body Podcast, is certainly one of my most favourite episodes to date. I interviewed Simon Hill who has his own very successful Podcast, which goes by the name of ‘The Plant Proof Podcast’. Simon’ eats purely a plant based diet since eliminating most animal produce from his diet, and he has never looked back.

Throughout the course of this episode Simon shares his extensive knowledge on health & nutrition, he is currently studying a Masters degree in nutrition. It is very rare to find a vegan who avoids eating any animal produce mainly for health reasons, it is normally driven from moral beliefs. However since making the switch, Simon is joining the movement to stop this cruelty to animals, and in the process sharing his story on how well his mind & body has responded to eating a plant based diet. Simon also happens to be a very successful business man, so he shares some of his knowledge on how to build a thriving business. A very educational and entertaining episode, recorded from Simon’ apartment in Sydney, Australia.

Simon’ Instagram: @Plant_proof


  • Simon’s story and the reasons why he turned to plant based diet, and how this has helped him optimise his body.
  • Expert nutritional advice and the importance on eating primarily whole foods as opposed to processed foods.
  • Business tips & mental health hacks.
  • Lots more advice from an all round successful guy which will help you build sustainable health.


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