William Pullen practices psychotherapy in West London, UK and he is also a TEDx speaker. He specialises in individual therapy for adults and young people dealing with such issues as depression, motivation, anxiety, life changes, relationship problems, addiction. William suffered from depression himself and used running and outdoor group fitness to help him overcome these mental health ailments, this inspired him to develop his own app- Dynamic Running Therapy. You can find William’ TEDx talk on Youtube- Movement is medicine.
William’ Instagram- d_runningtherapy
  • How William helps people overcome mental health issues as a psychotherapist.
  • William’s battle with depression and how he eventually used these hardships to benefit others.
  • How human connection and exercise impacts our mental wellness.
  • William’ experience as a therapist helping people overcome the feeling of constantly striving and expecting more out of life.
  • The downside of constantly chasing a better looking physique.
  • Orthorexia, obsessive behaviour, and the importance of having purpose in your life.
  • The importance of novelty and variety in your life.
  • William’ opinion on why we are facing a global mental health epidemic.
  • Our view on social media and iphone addiction.
  • Why focusing on your breathing and being present for a few minutes each day is so important.
  • William’ describes why movement is medicine.
  • How to get in shape physically and mentally.
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